Stormgard, Specialised Weatherwear Made in England, Returns to Market after More Than Six Decades

Stormgard is a classic men's weatherwear brand that is witnessing a welcome resurgence

LONDON, UK / ACCESSWIRE / December 8, 2016 / The founders of Stormgard are pleased to announce the re-launch of Stormgard/Specialised Weatherwear Made in England. Stormgard was originally founded in 1921, supplying specialty outdoor clothing to the cycling and motorcycling community. After more than six decades of inactivity, the brand is returning to the apparel market, reissuing the Model 214 Raincoat as featured in their 1930s catalog.

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Stormgard had a reputation for crafting with specialised fabrics like enameled oilskins after it was established, and the brand began to enjoy popularity with the cycling and motorcycling community. Stormgard expanded over time, adding raincoats, overcoats, sportswear, leather clothing, and suits among other items.

In 1953, Stormgard closed, possibly because the company over-extended its operations. As a result, the company took their merchandise off of the market. Gary Bott is bringing the British company back to life and re-introducing a Model 214 Raincoat back to the market. He hopes to carve out the brand again starting with this reissue, which was featured in Stormgard's 1930's catalog.

Bott is no newcomer to men's fashion, having worked closely with designers and production facilities for ten years. After examining fabrics for alternatives to enameled oilskins, he located a mill in Japan to produce fabrics focused on performance – lightweight, water and UV repellent and a fabric that would retain its shape. After this he fleshed out the design.

Bott makes a nod to the company's history with military clothing contracts, lining the jackets with camouflage ripstop. Available in beige or navy, the raincoat features an oversized cut that drapes on the body. It is suitable for a number of sizes and shapes. The raincoat brings versatility to men's wardrobes; it is ideal for the winter or warmer months. The exterior is built to add protection from inclement weather.

Bott has recently launched a Kickstarter campaign to fund his efforts to bring the brand Stormgard back to life. He is appealing to people who remember Stormgard and the fashion industry to help him reissue the raincoat as a way to make the first product by Stormgard in over sixty years.

About Stormgard:

Stormgard was a producer of specialised weatherwear in England. After over-extending its operations in 1953, it closed. Now there are efforts spearheaded by Gary Bott to reintroduce the brand to the market. For more information, please visit


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